Sunday, August 2, 2009

Question: What can be done about chronic ear infections?

Dear Dr. Schaeberle,

We have a beautiful three-year-old black lab named Jake with chronic ear infections. What can we do for him?




Ear infections can result from many factors that can predispose the ear to infection, like allergies, breed or even shape of the ear. A good example would be floppy eared dogs like beagles. Just as our toes are more prone to a fungus like “athletes feet”, a floppy ear does not permit the proper ventilation leaving the ear more susceptible to infection. Regardless of the cause, there are three treatment options we will present to you at the Shiloh Veterinary Hospital.

Routine - a sample of the debris from the ear is examined to see if we have a yeast or a bacterial infection, to determine the proper antibiotic. The ear is cleaned, the proper medication is determined and the owners instructed on routine home care.

An ear flush under anesthesia - I love ear flushes with recurrent or severe ear infections. A flush allows us to better identify whether we have only an outer ear infection or a more serious middle ear infection . Under anesthesia the ear canal is gently flushed of all debris and thoroughly examined. We will then follow up with the proper medication and home instruction.

Surgical - I can perform two different surgical interventions, ablation and resection, when we still struggle with chronic ear disease. Both involve reconstructing the ear canal to allow good ventilation and the surgeries have a very good rate of success.

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