Friday, May 6, 2011

Cat Myths vs. Facts

Cat Myths vs. The Facts

Myth: Indoor Cats Don’t Catch Diseases

Fact: Although indoor cats are far less likely to succumb to contagious diseases, airborne microorganisms may get into the house through open doors and windows, and most indoor cats find their way outside from time to time, where they are exposed to a variety of diseases.

Myth: Licking Wounds Speeds the Healing Process.

Fact: Although purring does speed the healing process, licking wounds can actually keep them open and cause further damage. While initial licking cleans the wound, injured animals that engage in excessive wound licking once the injury has begun to heal should wear Elizabethan (cone-shaped) collars to prevent this behavior.

Myth: Female Cats Should Be Allowed to Have One Litter Before They’re Spayed.

Fact: Cats that are spayed before having any litters are less inclined to develop mammary tumors, which are particularly deadly in cats. Allowing one litter contributes to the overpopulation problem that leads to many cats being euthanized in shelters each year and provides no medical or psychological benefits for the cat.

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